Genhouse Bio Entered into Collaborative Agreement with AI Drug Development Company XtalPi


On June 10th 2021, Genhouse Bio, a biotech company focusing on development of next-generation anti-cancer therapeutics, announced today that the company will collaborate with leading AI Drug Development Company Xtalpi on the discovery and development of novel small molecule candidates targeting solid tumors.


The collaboration between Genhouse and XtalPi is the strong alliance between advanced translational medicine technology platform and cutting-edge AIDD technology platform. Based on its integrated technology platforms, Genhouse has accumulated plentiful multiple-year experience in target validation and MoA research and is capable of in-depth basic structure biology studies.


Proprietary artificial intelligence-empowered innovative drug discovery platform from XtalPi, in combination with most advanced tools in computational chemistry in high accuracy and high through-put medicinal chemistry assays, make molecule design, performance assessment and chemical synthesis completed as workflow. Additionally, candidates with novel backbone designs will be further optimized with regard to high performance in activity, selectivity and clinical safety via continuous feedback and iteration. Meanwhile, intellectual patent of molecule is secured.


The collaboration between Genhouse and XtalPi will focus on novel targets to develop next-generation first-in-class anti-cancer therapeutics for the global market.


Original innovation in China is driven by clinical unmet medical needs. The common goal of drug development biotechnology companies is to provide high-quality therapeutics with better efficacy and safety to improve patient survival and life quality. Genhouse and XtalPi hope to provide broader and better treatment options for global cancer patients through continuous innovation and combination of technology platforms.


“The collaboration between Genhouse and leading AIDD company XtalPi is undoubtfully another exciting news for us,“ said Kuifeng Wang, Founder and CEO of Genhouse, “Genhouse focuses on targeting those ‘undruggable’ targets and original innovation. In order to fulfill clinical unmet medical needs of global cancer patients, we keep watching on and are willing to embrace new technologies. We believe this collaboration is a strong alliance between translational medicine technology platforms and AIDD technology platforms. We will keep exploit our advantages in structural biology and translational medicine research to bring broader and better treatment options to global cancer patients.”


“Discovery and development of anti-cancer therapeutics have enormous social and economic value for public health, but at the same time it posts great technical challenges for the biomedical industry. New technologies such as AI present new opportunities to significantly improve the efficiency and success rate of new drug development, accelerating the process of moving innovative drug candidates from lab to market. We are glad to collaborate with Genhouse, who focuses on the development of next-generation anti-cancer therapeutics. We will combine the technical advantages of both and push more and more high-quality innovative drug candidates to the market together.”

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